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Main activities within the project

Skills governance

Skills intelligence

Skills policies

Network building: Exchanging information through web portal

Three part report: general comparative study with focus on demographic trends, qualitative and quantitative aspects of skills

  • Identifying and analyzing trends (quantitative): forecasts to changes

  • Identifying best practices (qualitative): quality standards, skills profiling

  • Drawing recommendations

Final European Conference: presentation and discussion of results, how to support national skills policies through the work of skills councils/sector networks

Expected results

Establishment of the Sector Skills Council will help to better assess the challenges and needs of the European automotive industry in terms of

  • Skills: skills shortages, skills mismatch, evolution and management of skills
  • Employment: requirements, national policies, regional implementation, structural short and long-term challenges

Benefit for all actors involved:

  • at European/national/regional level
  • Public authorities, industry, education and training providers

By increased level of information exchange: quantity, quality, institutionalised networking approach

By increased level of participation from stakeholders: best practices, optimising skills management processes

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