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Recent Initiatives for Skills and Qualifications - Workshop

Recent European initiatives in the field of education and training highlight the social and economic importance of the development of knowledge, skills and competence. The New Skills Agenda for Europe aims to promote growth by improving the quality, relevance and visibility of skills. The proposed measures affect the design of qualifications, qualification frameworks and systems, and the validation of non-formal and informal learning. They could have considerable implications for those who work with qualifications.

Many of the proposed measures are closely linked to existing European instruments such as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and the Common Training Frameworks (CTF). Some of these instruments are currently being revised to strengthen support for the development and recognition of skills and human capital.

The successful implementation of policy initiatives and the associated action plans such as those which are proposed in the New Skills Agenda for Europe depend on the involvement of relevant stakeholders. Together with representatives of European sector organisations; social partners; local, regional and national authorities and experts in vocational education and training, the ECVET Team would like to share their expertise in a European working meeting.

19 September: (no fee)

Keynote speakers and panelists from European organisations will discuss how far policy proposals in the field of skills and qualifications can contribute to employability, competitiveness and growth. A series of workshops, facilitated by the ECVET Team experts, will analyse the possible effects of recent initiatives, the future development of European instruments and the views of:

  • branches, sector organisations and socials partners;
  • local, regional and national authorities;
  • experts in the field of vocational education and training and qualifications.

 20 September: technical workshops (fee of 100 €)

In-depth working session on how the EQF and ECVET can be used to:

  • recognise learning outcomes acquired in different settings;
  • design flexible qualifications;
  • reform qualification frameworks and systems.

These workshop sessions will be facilitated by ECVET Team experts. They will examine how the European instruments can respond to specific challenges, and illustrate how the ECVET Team can support those who wish to use these instruments to develop workable approaches which respond to their needs. The admission fee includes lunch and copies of all the documentation.

For more information visit the event website

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