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EASC statutes signed by the three project partners

May 29, 2015

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We are pleased to announce that another step in the establishment of the EASC has been made: CLEPA, ETRMA and IndustiALL have signed the EASC statutes. By adopting these statutes, the project partners are committing to the following objectives in the framework of EASC acitivites:

Modernisation of social protection systems: Stocktaking report on Member States progress on social investment reforms

Apr 29, 2015


A report commissioned by the European Commission to the European Social Policy Network of independent experts published today shows that Member States have made progress in implementing reforms toward social investment but there still a lot to be done for the modernisation of the social protection systems across the European Union.

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Industry in general and the automotive industry in particular is the backbone of the European economy: the EU economy has been recovering from the recession of 2008, but unemployment has continued to rise. However, still in 2013, four out of ten European employers reported difficulties in finding employees with the right skills. There is not so much a shortage of supply for the workforce in general, but rather a skills mismatch between the available workforce and jobs in the EU labour market.

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